Interview: Heat of Damage Talk New Single “The Gift”

Heat of Damage

Concert Crap: Where did the inspiration for single “The Gift” come from? Did you all write it together?

Nick: It was originally some riffs that Jared had put together and he gave it to us and we all made it a very solid Heat Of Damage track.

CC: If you had to describe “The Gift” to someone who’s never listened to music before, how would you go about it?

Nick: it’s a tasty metal song that’ll keep your head moving start to finish.

CC: What was it like filming the music video?

Nick: it was hard work but it was an incredible experience. I enjoyed every second of the process.

David: Filming a video like that was a totally new experience for us, but it was awesome! Everything went really well. Ethan, our director, made our vision come to life, and our friends and fans who came for the crowd shoot were all having a blast together.

CC: What’s something we wouldn’t pick up our first time listening to the song

David: I wouldn’t say there are any hidden Easter Eggs or anything, but if you listen to the beginning of the breakdown, there’s a gunshot mixed into the cymbal crash and first note. That’s kind of a hidden feature

CC: When can we expect more music from you guys?

Nick: we will be releasing new music in 2018. Our new album will blow your brains out your nose.

CC: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Nick: You can’t kill the metal. The metal will live on.

David: Life is good. It’s better with Rockstar Lime Freeze.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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