Album Review: Brett Eldredge – “Glow”

Brett Eldredge - Glow

Get your hot chocolate and Christmas sweaters ready, because Brett Eldredge’s Glow is the perfect album to turn on when you’re opening presents on Christmas morning. Most of the songs on this album are classics, from “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” to “Winter Wonderland,” but Eldredge also adds in the original song that it seems every Christmas album needs to have with “Glow.” Unlike most original songs on Christmas albums, however, “Glow” fits in perfectly with the rest of the tracks; you would barely know it was an original and that is just how I like it. The whole album is inspired by the rat pack era, from the big band complete with horns to the obvious influence of Sinatra in the way Eldredge croons out every note.

Glow takes the tried and true method of not straying too far from the classic and traditional way Christmas carols are sung, but there is an unmistakably modern touch that keeps the album from feeling stale. Eldredge really shines on these songs and does not fade into the multitude of Christmas albums. He actually has this really interesting way of singing that pulls you in and makes you feel like he is telling a story that unfolds a little more with each song, but keeps ending on a cliffhanger; you really want to hear the end of the story, so you have to listen to the album in its entirety.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a highly recommended track featuring Meghan Trainor. I actually found her to be an interesting choice, because I never would have thought of a duet pairing between the two, but neither one overwhelms the other and it works well. Make sure you get the album with the three bonus tracks because you do not want to miss “O Holy Night.” This is one of my favorite renditions ever. Eldredge never yells and the song keeps its soulfulness. It is a little more country than the other tracks, but I love that; the combination of the country with the traditional sound is unique and exceptional. Another reason you’ll want to get the album with the bonus tracks is because there is another version of “First Noel” included. The version included with the basic album includes a beautifully soft instrumental, but the bonus track version is a capella, just Eldredge and his voice. It is this song that really made me fall in love with the album. There is no hiding in this version, but Eldredge is clean and clear; you get to hear him hit a variety of notes from low to high perfectly and it is really impressive.

Glow is an album that I can guarantee you’ll be playing for years to come.

Post by Karen Shalev

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