Photos / Review: Emo Nite Day celebrates birthday in Los Angeles, California


Where: The Shrine, Los Angeles, CA

When: December 3, 2017

Emo Nite LA just finished celebrating their third year of sad boy parties with an all day event at The Shrine coined as ‘Emo Day LA‘. As strange as it was seeing Emo Nite Day at The Shrine instead of The Echoplex, the crow did not seem to mind. Set up through the venue was a main stage where the main acts/DJ’s would take over. Outside was a smaller stage that hosted mainly live bands and the smallest stage hosted ‘soundcloud esque’ rappers.

The biggest problem with the night was that the main stage was very separated from the crowd. This made the front stage feel very exclusive and detached from the main audience. However, this did not stop the acts from giving it their all. From First To Last Dj’d a new track that isn’t released, Aaron Gillespie sang classic Underoath and The Almost songs and the crowd excitedly sang along to an orchestra led by the Emo Day crew as they conducted ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’ by Fall Out Boy. The most energizing two acts of the night were The Used chanting an acoustic version of ‘So here I am it’s in my hands, and I’ll savor every moment of this’ from their classic song ‘The Taste of Ink’. And Machine Gun Kelly taking over the crowd with an energizing performance of his new album ‘Bloom’.

When everyone assumed that the night was almost over, two surprise acts showed up. First was Demi Lovato to sing her new song ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and a end of the night dance party with ‘The Chainsmokers‘. This seemed to throw people off as neither act fall under the genre of Emo. but nevertheless the crowd seemed to have enjoyed what was easily the biggest party thrown by the Emo Nite crew. We’re looking forward to what year four has to bring.

Post and photos by Alex Melgosa

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