Photos / Review: Waterparks and Sleep On It at The Regent in Los Angeles, California

Who: Outbreak Tour – Waterparks, Sleep On It

Where: The Regent, Los Angeles, California

When: November 9, 2017

The perfect mix of adolescent angst and smart-alec wit, Waterparks’ “Outbreak” tour reminds everyone about the magic of pop punk and everything good that comes out of it.

With support from Chicago, Illinois sad boys Sleep On it, indie pop-rock duo, Chapel, and British bad boys, As It Is, the crowd at The Regent could never have properly braced themselves for the combination of heartfelt lyrics and reckless emotion that was had on stage. With Awsten Knight’s charming, honest vocals perfectly balancing Patty Walter’s devil-may-care attitude, it is no wonder this lineup packs such a punch for fans of all different perspectives, especially when considering Set It Off fan-favorite Maxx Danziger’s surprise Sleep On It performance.

The particular alchemic reaction had at The Regent was one of both nostalgia and deep appreciation. As an older listener of pop punk, its incredibly refreshing to see and hear a band that reminds you of the music that saved you once upon a time ago, and particularly refreshing to see them doing for other listeners what this genre did for you. Waterpark’s effortless ability to connect with their fans is commendable, their lyrics hit hard in all the right ways and their stage presence portrays a genuine love you don’t see very often. To watch their interactions with their fans was heartwarming, especially as they all scrambled up onto the stage towards the end of their set to hug and take selfies with their idols.

The same could be said for their openers: Zech Pluister’s sincerity shines through his vocals, especially when guest singing on As It Is’s set. The undeniable camaraderie between bands and their love for their art is easily felt, making the the show a personal experience for fans as they watch friends supporting friends, and are able to take part in that support as well.

Ultimately, it is these band’s authenticity that carries them forward. Double Dare (2016) and Overexposed (2017)  are much more than “cool” records, and they most definitely deserve your time. But even more so than that, this tour deserves your time. You won’t regret it.

Post and photos by Susy Solino (Insta: @susysucks)

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