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Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch – “A Decade of Destruction”


Five Finger Death Punch is officially back! The band hasn’t released new music to the public since their sixth studio album Got Your Six in 2015. The 5 piece recently announced a new album, A Decade of Destruction, which features 14 of their greatest hits over their years as a band, along with 2 new tracks featured on the album.

“Trouble” is the first song off the album, which is one of the new tracks. The opening music is super upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance. The whole song is fast paced, with incredible chords and drumming. The opening lyric is “I don’t look for trouble, trouble looks for me”, which is part of the main chorus as well. Overall, I think that this is a great opening song for the album, and definitely deserves its spot on the track list. “Trouble” has first been released as a single, making it’s debut in October 2017.

As someone who used to listen to FFDP pretty regularly, I have a good sense of what can be considered their most popular or successful songs. Based on the tracklist, I think that it is very accurate pertaining to their “greatest hits”. Some of my favorite songs off  A Decade of Destruction include “Lift Me Up”, “Jekyll and Hyde”, “Under and Over It”, and “My Nemesis”.

“My Nemesis” is one of my favorites off the album due to its uniqueness in comparison to other songs. The into is slower, quieter, and less heavy. Vocal wise, it is the same, and then it eases into a heavier chorus vocally and instrumentally. It is slower paced, and overall has relatable lyrics. My personal favorite lyric from the song is, “I will not hide from what’s inside of me, my nemesis”. I highly recommend checking out this song or revisiting it if you haven’t listened to it in awhile.


  1. Trouble
    2. Gone Away
    3. Lift Me Up
    4. Wash It All Away
    5. Bad Company
    6. Under And Over It
    7. Wrong Side Of Heaven
    8. House Of The Rising Sun
    9. I Apologize
    10. The Bleeding
    11. Jekyll And Hyde
    12. Remember Everything
    13. Coming Down
    14. My Nemesis
    15. Battle Born
    16. Far From Home

Post by Brooke Champine

What are your thoughts on Five Finger Death Punch’s new album? Comment below.

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