Album Review: Trivium – “The Sin And The Sentence”

Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence

Trivium has never been better with the release of their new album The Sin And The Sentence. There are great vocals, really strong drums, and perfect guitar in every single song of this album. Starting right from the first song on the album, “The Sin And The Sentence (Intro Version),” you already hear the diversity that will continue through the rest of the tracks. The instrumentals are not boring and add to the song, instead of taking away from it. There are really strong growls and a chorus that everyone will want to sing along to. So many six-minute songs can get wearisome and boring, but this song just gets better as it goes.

The intro to “The Heart From Your Hate” is my favorite on the entire album. I like how the guitar backs off a little bit when the verses are sung, but comes back and intensifies leading up to and during the chorus, before getting into that “nanananananana” before going into another verse. “Betrayer” is a really good, heavy song on this album. New drummer Alex Bent makes the strongest impression on this song in my opinion because I can constantly hear that powerful, steady beat in the background. Vocalist Matt Heafy also gets to show off how well he can transition from singing clean to growling. Guitarist Corey Beaulieu works with Heafy on guitar constantly; the guitars on this song are my favorite. There’s also really strong bass work from Paolo Gregoletto. The backing vocals from Beaulieu and Gregoletto are fantastic on this song and every other one.

Trivium is really at the top of their game with this release. I’ve been a Trivium fan for a while, but this album blows their others out of the water in my opinion. I think Bent does an amazing job on the drums throughout this album and I look forward to hearing him on future releases. Heafy has always been one of the best vocalists in music in my opinion and he does not disappoint on The Sin And The Sentence. This album, available now, is one you need in your collection.

Post by Karen Shalev

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