Album Review: Knuckle Puck – “Shapeshifter”

Following the success of their first studio album “Copacetic”, Illinois pop punk band Knuckle Puck strikes back with second full length “Shapeshifter”. The new album is a multi-faceted new work for the band, with varying tempos and styles to form one fluid album.

The intro track “Nervous Passenger” is a short, but smooth lead in to the second track “Twist”, showing the aforementioned fluidity of the album. “Shapeshifter” almost carries a narrative with themes of being out of your comfort zone, missing people far from home and the impending, nagging feeling of being lost within yourself.

While “Copacetic” was a great step forward for the band,”Shapeshifter” is a side of Knuckle Puck that we haven’t seen yet, as this album sounds more mature in both theme and lyricism. Without losing sight of their roots, tracks like “Double Helix” and “Gone” still showcase their trademark pop punk style we’re all familiar with, with a different twist.

It’s safe to say that the band is aging gracefully, and addressing more heavy themes than “Copacetic”. Adopting emo tropes and somber tone, this album is striking, and refreshing for long time Knuckle Puck fans. However, it has the potential to draw in even the most casual pop punk listener. “Shapeshifter” is available to stream on Spotify and other music platforms, and the band has departed on the supporting tour with featured artists Movements, With Confidence and Homesafe.


  1. Nervous Passenger
  2. Twist
  3. Double Helix
  4. Gone
  5. Everyone Lies to Me
  6. Stuck in Our Own Ways
  7. Want Me Around
  8. Conduit
  9. Wait
  10. Plastic Brains

Post by Kayla Rojas

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