Album Review: September Mourning – “Volume II”

September Mourning _Volume II_ Album Cover

September Mourning is an interesting band to start with because it’s not just a band: it’s a transmedia project. The world of September Mourning exists in a comic book which the band brings to life through the music and onstage. Volume II is the band’s second album and expands on the world of September Mourning, the human-reaper hybrid. The album has a strong, solid rhythm, with some really nice guitar solos spread throughout. The vocals hit some sweet high notes without shrieking, and move nicely from singing to screaming.

“Eye Of The Storm” is a really powerful track. It’ll make you feel like you can conquer the world. What’s also cool about this album is that sentences from the comics are weaved into the actual songs, like in “Children of Fate.” The music is a little bit Middle Eastern-inspired in this track, but keeps the same intensity. The chorus is definitely something that needs to be song with a crowd. There are also some insane screams in the middle of the song. “Superhuman” is also a really fun song, definitely the first song you’ll know all of the words to.

The songs on this album really pull you into the world of September Mourning and pique your interest to learn more.

Post by Karen Shalev

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