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We sat down with SLEEPTALK, an independent alt band from Los Angeles, California, to talk about their debut self titled album, SLEEPTALK and some things for you to know about them! Their most recent music video can be found here.

Concert Crap: Your debut self-titled album, SLEEPTALK came out earlier this year. Any song that stands out and makes you extremely proud?

Anthony Fitzpatrick: Yes, we released SLEEPTALK on July 28, 2017. My favorite song off of our record is “Midnight/3, 2, 1”. That song makes me feel like I’m hearing the final version of it for the first time every time that I listen.

CC: Were there any heavy influences in “SLEEPTALK”? What or who inspired the new album? Follow up, any hidden influences?

AF: Yes of course. My friends, and our lifestyle are extremely influential on this record. Going back to your first question, Midnight for example came to me lyrically the day after New Year’s. That was the last song I had written for the album. I was stuck on that song for days and nothing was coming to me. I went out that night and, boom that song came to me so quickly. Our band itself is very inspired by bands like The Cure, Angeles and Airwaves, The 1975 and of course Blink 182.

CC: The lyrics in every song on the album are so well written. What’s your writing process? Do you usually write the first or instrumentals first?

AF: Thank you so much! Normally we write instrumentals first, and then vocals. For me, music isn’t just about the melody, it’s about the song as a whole. If you can get someone hooked on the instrumentals alone you are on a good path. I listen to a lot of instrumental music, so for me it must be massive all around.

CC: What’s your favorite decade or one you’d want to live in? Does this decade influence you personally?

AF: The 90’s. It was when I was born. That culture of that decade was so rad, from art to style to music. It was definitely a turning point in art all around.

CC:Describe your dream tour lineup.

AF: Would love to play with The Cure.

CC: If you wrote music in any other genre than the Indie/Alternative spectrum, what would you prefer?

AF: Metal

CC: If you had anyone join your band, who would you want to and why? Would they change your style?

AF: I wouldn’t want anyone to join our band because the group we have now is such a great group, we all write/work great with each other. I would love to add something into the producing side of Sleeptalk. Matty Healy and George Daniel from The 1975 or Tom Delonge from Angels and Airwaves would be such a great experience

CC: Anything you’re listening to now? Whats the strangest thing you listen to?

AF: I am currently listening to The CureDisintegration. I think the strangest thing that I think I listen to is Trip Hop

CC: Any tour plans? What can we expect from SLEEPTALK in 2017/2018?

AF: We have one last show for the year on 10/6 in Sacramento, CA. This will complete the Debut Record cycle for us. New music/shows to come in 2018

CC: Would you like to add anything else to fans reading?

AF: Thank you so much for everything. The reaction for our record was/is such an amazing experience. Everyday people send us messages on Twitter or Instagram telling me how our record as gotten them through things that have happened in their life and how this song means so much to them, or that song etc. It is such an amazing feeling. Please help us keep spreading the word, we want to meet each and everyone one of you and we love you dearly. Thank you for taking the time to send us these questions, we can’t wait to speak with you again in the future.

All questions answered by vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick.

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