Interview: Raven Black talks tour, fans, and more

Raven Black

Concert Crap: You guys just wrapped up your Hex O’ Clock Tour. How was the response from the fans?

Raven Black: The fans were amazing. Some even travelled over 6 hours to see us. We are just humbled by their dedication and support.

CC: What’s a moment that really stood out from this tour?

RB: A few of the shows, we had fans travelling over 3-6 hours to see us again. The entire crowd was singing along to our songs and just wrapped into the show with us. It was awesome and so special to us.

CC: How long did it take to get into makeup every day?

RB: I take about 1 hour and the guys take about 30 minutes each. The make up comes on after loading in and comes off after loading out. We do it every day at every show because we love what we do.

CC: Are you seeing more fans cosplaying as the band members after seeing your show?

RB: Yes, some do, and always walk up to me and say they hope they did their make up correctly. LOL. I want them to create their own make up. Express themselves and share it with us. We encourage anyone to wear make up and dress up and just have fun with us!

CC: What are you most looking forward to now that tour is over?

RB: Sleep.LOL. Really, we are always working, so I’m already designing our new stage props for the next tour this Fall. We want to give our fans something new every single time they see us. It’s all about them. 🙂

CC: When can we look forward to seeing another tour?

RB: Fall 2017. November through mid December. We have verbally confirmed but, until the official announcement, I’m going to have to keep it a secret for now. 🙂

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

RB: I want to thank you and all those like you, because you take the time out of your busy schedules to get to know us and share with your readers and viewers about us. This is what is helping us out there when we tour. People don;t always know about us, and this is how they come across our page, our pictures, music and videos. So, thank you and thank you to all the fans who also share our stuff out there. Without you, we would still be unknown to so many people. Thank you.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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