Song Review – Hollywood Principle – “Trippin on You”

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San Diego electro-pop band Hollywood Principle recently dropped the debut single “Trippin On You” from their soon to be released EP Colors. The band has gained a bit of prominence over the years because of song placements in the video game Rocket League. Now their getting ready to release their new EP.

“Trippin On You” combines different components together to create an electro-pop sensation. The beginning of the song features the use of a back beat with the vocals entering on top. The chorus kicks the song up a notch and a really electronic sounding synth comes in. The synth is definitley a prominent part of the chorus but it doesn’t overpower the vocals. Listening to the song I get the feeling that it has to do with love. Not only do the song lyrics give me that feeling but I also get it from the title.

Not only did the band release the song but they also released a music video as well. The music video isn’t your run of the mill video because it gives a behind the scenes look into how “Trippin On You” was recorded. The video goes through the process of recording a song showing each member of Hollywood Principle playing or singing their part. It’s a cool insight into how a song is recorded.

After listening to this song I am eager to hear the rest of Hollywood Principle’s new EP. They have a lot of potential to become an even greater band than they already are. “Trippin On You” is just an intro into what the band can do!

Post and interview by Madeline Cronin

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