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Interview: Louise Warren talks new music, growing up and future plans


Concert Crap: Your gearing up to release your new song “In The Dark”, can you talk about the creation of and the meaning behind the song?

Louise Warren: I recorded this song with my friend, Sean Williams – who is a brilliant indie musician under the name Sean Solo. It was one of my favorite studio environments. We were literally in his basement, shoes off, and laughing the whole time. As we were working on “In the Dark”, his little sister (who I adore) came downstairs to listen. She got this spark in her eyes and went over to the light switch and cut it off. Sean was nervous I would mind but we left it that way the rest of the session. We just had a lot of fun making my album, Lavender Sound. That is my greatest desire for any creative process- that I enjoy the journey of it.

The song “In the Dark” was written during a time where my life held a lot of uncertainty. I was in that place where your heart is a bit too raw from putting it in the wrong hands. It was my way of sorting through the emotional wreckage after someone disappoints you. Every song on Lavender Sound has an almost zen-like theme of acceptance to it. “In the Dark” is me making peace with the unknown of love and the unknown of life. When I say “My songs are somewhere all written down – but I don’t wanna know them”, I mean to say if my future is planned, I’d rather go in blind so I can appreciate where I am now. The second you know the end of the story, it changes how you read all of the individual chapters.

CC: I was reading your bio and it sounds like you’ve been playing / writing music since you were young, which is really awesome! Did you get into music on your own or do you have a musical family?

LW: Thank you so much! 🙂

Well, my entirely family loves music but not all of us are music creators. I grew up with my lullabies being songs my mom made up for me because she got tired of singing the “real” ones. She would never claim being a writer but that’s exactly what she is. I was writing from a very early age and I strongly believe that’s at least partly due to the fact that I watched and listened to someone doing it. I would spend hours outside swinging and writing songs – very much in my head but loving every second of it.

My Dad played guitar very well but didn’t pick it back up until I started learning at 14. At that point, we were both hooked and listening through each other’s doors for what the other was writing or working on. He started writing instrumentals during this time that were jazzy and amazing!

When I started performing live, my entire family came along. A fact that didn’t give me the “rockstar” glow but made me feel incredibly luck, loved and supported. My family can make my entire day by coming to a gig.

CC: Who are some people that influence your music?

LW: Well both of my parents took it upon themselves to expose me to good music. My Dad ensured I knew Steve Vai and my mom lit up every time an Elvis song came on.

My greatest influences change all the time depending on the sound I’m going for but I always love Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Fiona Apple, and Jason Isbell.

CC: What does it mean to you to be able to share your music with people across the country?

LW: When I write a song, it’s like a spark is lit inside of me that illuminates everything. It’s as though I am taking a step back and looking at everything from an eagle eye perspective. I still FEEL it like I’m in it but I gain clarity.

When I share that, it’s like looking up and that spark is lit for everyone else. They are all around me holding their candle too saying “yes, we are all human and in this together”. Even if it’s just one person, it’s like we are seeing each other in the raw truth of our experiences and feelings. So it means connection and acceptance.

CC: What are some bands or artists that you’ve been listening to lately?

LW: Ben Folds because I got to see him live in Macon and he is just pure genius. Rag’n’Bone Man because I love soulful voices. Also been revisiting lots of Civil Wars and Joni Mitchell lately.

CC: Any plans for the rest of 2017?

LW: I’m recording an EP with Reel 2 Reel Studios for the Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation. I won their Music 4 Macy Songwriting Competition last year and I’m SO excited to get back in the studio.

I’m also planning a lot of visits singing at the Children’s Hospital in Macon as part of the Songs 4 Kids.

After the holidays, it will be a lot of gigging for my debut full-length, Lavender Sound.

Watch the music video for “In The Dark

Post and interview by Madeline Cronin

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