Album Review: The Virginmarys -“Sitting Ducks” EP


My toe started tapping as soon as I played The Virginmarys’ new EP Sitting Ducks, so that right there was a good sign. Then, I started clapping along with “Sitting Ducks,” the title track of the album. I put this EP on shuffle, so the next song I heard was “Through The Sky,” and it was interesting. “Sitting Ducks” came across as such a light-hearted, fun song and this one seemed just a little bit, not really sad, but more introspective. Musically, both songs have very similar elements and both are great; they’re my top two songs on the EP (even though there are only four songs total). So then I listened to both songs over again a few times and that’s when I started to pick up the intricacies hidden in this album; there are messages of love but also loss, beauty but also sadness.

Overall, I think this is an album that will really just make you feel alive; it reminds you of the trials we go through, but it also highlights those happy moments. You don’t pick up on any of these themes the first several times you listen to the music, but the more you listen to it, the more the EP opens itself up to you and reveals what it wants you to learn. The Virginmarys put their mark on the album without it being overbearing because at the end of the day, Sitting Ducks is great music.

Post by Karen Shalev

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