Album Review: JD & The Straight Shot – “Good Luck and Good Night”


JD & The Straight Shot makes me throw out all of my rules. I don’t like folk, I don’t like blues, and I definitely don’t like them when they’re together. Good Luck and Good Night combines both those sounds with country and rock, along with several other sounds, and the album is amazing because of it. “Ballad of Jacob Marley” starts off with a little twang and fiddle. Then the perfectly harmonized vocals start in and it makes you tap your toes to the rhythm. It seems like a song you’d sing around the fire with your friends on a hot summer night. The fiddle is one of my favorite parts of not just this song, but the entire album.

“Run For Me” is another of my favorites on this song. There’s amazing fiddle in it, but also so much soul that it’s unbelievable there was any left for the rest of the album. The lead vocals are strong, while the backup vocals give you that softness that you need to contrast the sound and highlight the lyrics. The title track of the album, “Good Luck and Good Night,” was not one of my favorites at first; I thought it kind of dragged and I could not really understand what the point of it was. I gave the song a chance, though and eventually I realized I love it. It needs to be appreciated slowly because it might take a minute to understand what it’s all about, but the harmonies are as beautiful on this song as they are on the rest of the album. There’s also a uniquely mesmerizing little part in the middle of the song with a children’s choir that really won me over.

A really great point about this album is that the songs do not sound all the same; some are more influenced by blues, some lean more towards country rock, and some create a really unique mix of different sounds to create the JD & The Straight Shot sound. There’s a great mix of music for everyone to enjoy on this album. Good Luck and Good Night, available now, will make your soul happy.

Post by Karen Shalev

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