Interview: Who is Silent Rival?


Concert Crap: You guys are a great up-and-coming band. How did you get your start together?

Sara Coda: Thank you! Joz and I were in a previous band together that disintegrated while we were in the studio making what became this record. So we have been playing together for a little bit. Joz and I wrote and recorded the album and, when it came time to do the bass, Joz wrote and recorded the bass lines with Yutaka in mind. They had been in a different band together before Joz and I met. Joz was hopeful Yutaka would become our bass player. And he did!

CC: How did you find your sound?

SC: We didn’t really actively go looking for a sound. We did the things that we liked and that came naturally to us. The freedom of being an independent artist, without a label breathing in our ears at every turn, allowed this record to become what it is. A lot of it comes from the music we were influenced by when we first started playing music. The funny thing is, our “sound” has already evolved. That’s not to say it’s a departure from what the record is, but we are already so much more of a band now than we were when we recorded this record.

CC: Your album The Kindness of Strangers, available now, has a great mix of influences. Do you all write together?

SC: Thanks! Joz and I wrote the songs. We’ve been writing together since our last band. When we recorded this album, it was just he & I in the band. As a result, there was less of a democracy; it was just two people head to head. Which made it fun, yet challenging at the same time. He and I have a lot of common ground musically but the differences are what created some really exciting moments. Writing is our second favorite thing to do. The first is playing shows. Always.

CC: What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

SC: The easy answer is “Whatever they damn well please.” Which is true. What I really hope is that the listeners that discover Silent Rival can take away what we take away from music. Music can be such a transformative thing. It absolutely has the power to bring people together or tear them apart. That’s been the case forever. Fans of bands are all connected by that band. Hopefully people feel that way with our music, because then we are also connected in a very real & honest way. It’s like making a new lifelong friend. That remains pure forever.

CC: Do you have any future tour plans?

SC: We finally do!! We will be on tour starting on October 18th in Anaheim at Chain Reaction. Then we go to Tucson for a Radio Festival and then we are just out. We meet up with a band called Blind Wish in Oklahoma and we are just going to play as many shows as we can between then and the end of the year. All of those dates will be announced really soon. I am really excited to play at The Kingsland in Brooklyn. I think that’s in November. After that, I am sure we will try to play about 250 shows in 2018. We are just getting started.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

SC: Yes! Firstly, thank you for taking the time. And, since social media is all the rage, make sure to follow us on Instagram and listen to our record on Spotify. We are really proud of it. Oh, and we just released the Official video for “Die A  Little”. Check it out on YouTube.

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Post by Karen Shalev

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