Interview: Getting to know Honeymoon Disease

Honeymoon Disease

Concert Crap: For those who are not familiar with Honeymoon Disease, how do you describe yourselves as a band? Who is Honeymoon Disaster and how did you all first form?

Jimi:  Honeymoon Disease is a groovy rock’n’roll quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden. A colorful explosion that hits you right in the stomach and makes you dance like an insane and happy monkey.
The band was formed in 2014 by Jenna and Acid. It had a different line-up back then without a steady drummer. After recording the first 7″ single “Fast Love”, I joined the band on drums that same year. Short after, we did our first show and went full throttle as a hard working live act. After some changes of bass players over the years, Cedric then joined the band in Fall 2016.

CC: What is the story behind the name Honeymoon Disease?

Jimi: It’s a honeymoon that never ends. It’s fun, romantic and wonderful at first, but after a while you will start to hate each other’s guts. We’re the soundtrack of that lovely journey.

CC: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Jimi: We have a lot of different influences in the band. Everything from speedy thrash metal to heavy stoner and joyful soul. But the bands we all share the same strong love to is Kiss, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and The Heallacopters. Something I guess you can understand when you put on a Honeymoon Disease record.

CC: What do you guys believe is unique and want the audience to reap from your music?

Jimi: It’s really hard to be unique in rock these days. We don’t put too much thoughts in it, but one thing we like to play with is to try to mix different styles. We are a heavy action rock band to the bones but at the same time we’re not afraid of putting some disco in there. As long as it’s groovy, we like to try everything. I think that shows pretty much in our upcoming album, “Part Human, Mostly Beast”, where we worked a lot to put in some soul in the mix, especially in the vocal arrangements.

CC: Tell us about the new and first single released “Doin’ it Again” from the upcoming album.

Jimi: “Doin’ it Again” is the first track on the upcoming record. It’s about doing the same mistakes over and over again. It’s pretty “pop” compare to the rest of the album and a really good tune to start the record, and your morning, with.

CC: Your new album releases October 27 – what message does your upcoming album, Part Human, Mostly Beast, convey the most that you guys want your listeners to grasp?

Jimi: I think the title tells pretty much of what the record is about. Some parts are nice, calm and makes you feel good. But underneath that when you least expect it, it just turns out to be rough, scary and totally bad ass. Like life itself.

CC: I know you guys are touring all over Europe right now – are there any plans to tour the U.S.?
Jimi: We would love to come over to the U.S and we’ve got a lot of great response from over there. It’s hard to make it work financially of course and I think most of the bands make an American support tour at first. Right now, we’re focusing on going all over Europe, but hopefully we can reach America soon!

Honeymoon Disease

Post by Leanna Ahmed

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