Interview: Wayland talks new album “Rinse and Repeat” and more

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Your new album Rinse and Repeat is out September 22. You don’t have a single named “Rinse and Repeat,” so where did the name come from?

Dean Pizzazz: It is actually really cool how the name came about, especially after what it took to actually get the album finished.   Not a lot of people know that we had an album almost completed before we started recording Rinse and Repeat.   Unfortunately we had to scratch that body of work and start all over.  A sort of cleansing if you will.  Once we finished the album and names started getting tossed round that one made the most sense.  It makes sense with everything really and its something we do everyday.  Wake up, shower and make the best of your day, wake up tomorrow and do it again…only better of course.

CC: This is your first full-length album release. How did all of these songs make it onto the album?

DP: One of my favorite parts of making this album was that we didn’t just lock ourselves into the studio for three months, write and record a body of work then pick what we think best fits the album.  For a touring working band like us it is essential we stay on the road and if you know our band, you know we are on the road 300 or so days a year.  When making Rinse and Repeat we would tour hard for a month or more then drive back to CrossTrax studio in Memphis, TN to clean up and record the songs that were being  written on the road.  Sometimes we would just stop through for a couple of days and write ideas with our amazing producer Justin Rimer. Every song came about in a different way and I think every song has a very special place with all of us. Of course that’s what makes it hard when you have all these songs to choose from and so many can go on the album.  I think we did a great job of picking the ones out of all of them that best represent what we wanted this record to be.  I’m excited to see which ones we may revisit for our next album!

“Shopping for a Savior” enlisted the help of a choir. Why did you decide to include that?

DP: That was one of those cool things that came together while we were wrapping up the record really.  We had recorded all the back up vocals and had a great group of friends to sing it.   It was one of the funnest parts of the album.  As we listened to the track more and more we felt it needed an actual choir to give the song what it deserved, instead of just layering 6 different people over and over again.  It was a fun moment when the band was walking into the studio to re-record some drum tracks and there is a Gospel choir pulling out of the driveway.  Of course we walk into the studio and our Manager Jesses has a smile and says “you just missed the choir!!”

CC: What’s something that listeners wouldn’t pick up their first time playing the album?

DP: With out giving too much away, only because listening to an album over an over the first time and hearing those different nuances is my favorite thing to do when I get a record.  I would have to say it was the different musicians we were able to work with being we recorded  the album in Memphis. After spending so much time there during the process, we began to be influenced by some of the music and musicians that comes out of the area.  So on some tracks you may hear a mandolin tucked in there or a fiddle.  It doesn’t make the record sound country or southern rock, however takes from something you might hear on Aerosmith’s Get a Grip record.  If you listen to those old records there is some really awesome stuff being played in there.

CC: Why are “Welcome To My Head” and “On My Knees” included as bonus tracks?

DP: These are two songs that are really special to our band. “Welcome To My Head” was the first song to really give us any exposure and did a lot for our us.  It is a fan favorite and we love to play it.  “On My Knees” is one of those songs that really resonates with our audience and is one that our fans still mention or ask us to play all the time.  These were two songs that we did not want to see go away and with the wide release with Rinse and Repeat, we are able to give these songs to people who haven’t heard of Wayland.

CC: Which song are you most excited to perform live?

DP: This is the hardest question and I know cannot say all of them, even though that is true.  So, if I had to choose one it would be the last track on the album “From The Other Side.”  There is something really special about this track for all of us.  Mitch wrote it one morning after receiving the news he lost someone close to him and his family.  It is as if she reached down and wrote it with him.  We walk into the studio at noon and Mitch, Phill and our producer Justin are sitting there saying “we just came up with this really cool song.”  It was a blast to put together and record that day and its going to be a blast to play it for our fans.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

DP: Thank you guys for the great questions and opportunity to talk about our up and coming release “Rinse and Repeat”   It has been a long time coming and we are excited to share it with everyone.  Get online, check out our tour schedule and come out and see a LIVE rock show!!!

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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