Artists You Need To Know: Infinitas


Infinitas, a band out of Switzerland, is an up-and-coming thrash metal band. The first thing that caught my attention with their music is the harmonies, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s not just noise; there’s actual, intricate instrumentation in their music. My favorite is the violin throughout the album, especially when it plays off the other instruments because it’s not a common sound. The vocals are really powerful and there’s a lot of presence behind the music.

You’ll definitely want to check out their album CIVITAS INTERITUS. If you’re not into thrash metal usually, but you love listening to unique arrangements, “Labartu” is the first song you should check out. It starts off slowly and quietly, with the violin as the star, then gets more powerful and faster, with the violin now being supported by the guitar. Then the vocals come in and the power gets turned up even more, and the violin and guitar kind of equal out a little. The song has a really interesting progression. From there, I would actually put the album on shuffle and really listen to the intricacies in the music.

Infinitas is definitely doing something unique with their music and it makes them a band you really should check out.

Post by Karen Shalev

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