Interview: Awake At Last talks latest album and more

Concert Crap: How has the first seven months of 2017 been so far, and how do you plan to make the next five even better?

Vincent Torres: 2017 Has been amazing so far.  After the King Of The World Release it seemed like quite the journey to get to where we are now in 2017 with the Life Death Rebirth release.  We’ve also been able to reap a bit of the reward from all the hard work we’ve been putting in on the road as pretty much every show we’ve had in 2017 has had a pretty decent turn out and continues to get better.  After these first 7 months we’ve learned to set goals, work towards them, and as a team achieve them.  I think in the Next 5 months we will be continuing to set goals to achieve and hopefully learn to tap into each individual band members specific skill sets to continue to make the band a better team.

CC: Where does Awake At Last plan to be in five years? 

VT: Idealistically after seeing how much we’ve begun to achieve as a DIY band I’d like to think that in Five Years we’ll be a much more established machine with the ability to create multiple sources of income for the members and the band.  I’d love to see all our individual talents bring in more and more revenue to continue to fuel the project and i’d love to be the kind of band that can find other up and coming bands and elevate them and help them to achieve goals and grow as well.

CC: The name of your latest EP Life / Death / Rebirth ties in to my next question. Choose the best thing to ever happen to your in your current life, choose a way you’d like to die, and choose someone (other then your self) you’d like to be reborn as. 

VT: Man, that is a hard question to answer.. I guess i’d have to say the best thing that’s happened so far is when I decided to actually face my fear of performing in front of people and actually play music at my High School because that really started it all and let me know who I was.  One of my best accomplishments was getting our music on the billboard charts as an independent unsigned band, or the day I was adopted by my Father.  There are many more but those are a few standouts.  If I got the opportunity to choose how I die of course the obvious answer would be peaceful in my sleep but if it really came down to it i’d like to go out in a Blaze of Glory.  And if I got a chance to be reborn into the life cycle again I can’t think of a specific person to be reborn as but i’d love for it to be during the Victorian Renaissance era as i seem to be fascinated with that time frame.  I’d love to also still be involved in music in one way or another.

CC: What artist(s) have you been listening to recently? 

VT: Lately I’ve been digging into some new and some Old.  I’m still a pretty big fan of John Mayer so I listen to him a lot, and I like Falling in Reverse’s new record… then there’s some The Plot In You, I See Stars, Issues, and a mixture of some of my friends’ bands who I like to support, Heartside, In Finding Way, Waverunner.  I’ve always listened to a lot of different types of music so it changes weekly.

CC: Why should people care about Awake At Last? 

VT: I think that our positive outlook and hard work ethic is worth mentioning.  We are also trying our hardest to spread a positive message to our friends, fans, and family.  We’ve been working at this for 6 years and have overcome ridiculous amounts of obstacles and I think that shows a level of dedication and strength.  We want to be a Light in a Dark World and I hope we can continue to elevate and inspire

CC: What else do you guys have planned for the rest of 2017? 

VT: We’ve set some pretty intense goals for 2017, We want to focus on the industry side of things and continue to push this record and continue to tour all throughout the year.  I know we plan on increasing traffic to our individual website, and we want to get more Views on the Purgatorium Music Video on Youtube while we continue to push our individual social media outlets, and prospect for new fans every day in hopes that more people out there can find strength in our message.

All questions answered by lead vocalist Vincent Torres.

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Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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