Artists You Need to Know: Joywave

Joywave, formed in 2010, are an indie rock band from Rochester, New York. They currently consist of four members, Daniel Armbruster, Benjamin Bailey, Paul Brenner, and Joseph Morinelli. The band started with Daniel, Paul, and Joseph releasing the mixtape 77777.

In 2012 the three released their first EP, Koda Vista, officially as Joywave. In 2015 they released their debut album How Do You Feel Now? HDYFN? can be described as a super-techno Killers-esque album. Swish, the 2016 album, includes an alternate version of “Destruction”.

Swish was the original name of The Life of Pablo, the Kanye West album. The album uses the exact color and font of West’s latest album. The successor of Swish is the band’s most recent album, Content, released July of this year. The first song on the album is “Content”, which reminded me of a reboot of Kid A by Radiohead.

Their second, third (called “It’s a Trip!” and can be found above), and seventh songs are the poster children of indie rock. The rest, on the other hand are alternative rock. Heavier, less hippie-happy-time indie, which I’m into. I can say that I truly enjoy Joywave’s music and how creative it is.

They all just fit so perfectly together on the albums, and if you are planning on seeing them tour with Young the Giant and Cold War Kids this fall, I suggest listening and buying Content, and also having a great time. If you are not going on their tour, get some tickets! Iv’e linked them below and I hope to see some CC faces there!

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Post by Patricia Sanchez

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