Album Review: Spite – “Nothing is Beautiful”


Northern California hardcore outfit SPITE had recently released their latest album Nothing is Beautiful, and they’ve shown that they can do more than hold their own. With their fanbase growing rapidly, it’s safe to say that the band will be around for the long haul.

The album opens with fast track “IED” which features vocalist Darius Tehrani’s ability to go from deep, guttural vocals to a shriller scream showcasing his talent to interchange two distinct sounds. The title track hits the listener with heavy breakdowns without holding back any punches. While Tehrani’s vocals take center stage, the rest of the band shows they can keep up with the breakneck pace of the album, and display their strength as a rising name in the hardcore community.

Nothing is Beautiful brings forth the talents of all band members, and is a remarkable album under their belt. Following close on the heels of veteran hardcore outfits such as Trapped Under Ice, Code Orange and even deathcore band Oceano, SPITE has shown that their music will continue to grow stronger with each new release.

SPITE departs for the “Nothing is Beautiful” tour along with support from Bodysnatcher and more, and there is no doubt that they can bring forth the same recorded fury to the stage.

  1. IED
  2. Drown Me
  3. Nothing is Beautiful
  4. Kill or Be Killed
  5. AWOL
  6. The Corner of the Room
  7. Thy Bidding
  8. Kingdom of Guts
  9. Despise
  10. Self-Destruct

Post by Kayla Rojas

What are your thoughts on this album?

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