Album Review: Hogan’s Goat – “Self-Titled”

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If you think that music is starting to blur together and all sound the same, you’re not alone. It’s really hard finding an album that is not just good, but sounds fresh and unique. Hogan’s Goat has managed to do just that on their debut, self-titled album.

This album sounds nothing like a debut album. It’s prolific, intricate, and interwoven with influences from their home state of Tennessee, classic rock, and so much more. Everything about this album is just perfection. The lyrics were written with meaning that you can feel when they’re sung. The vocals are a little gritty when they need to be, always soulful, and transition from low notes to high notes like few vocalists can do. “Jack and Jill” is one of the most lyrically addicting songs on the album. It’s a song you’ll be singing over and over. This album does not get boring. Just when I think I’ve heard everything on this album, something surprises me and leaves me speechless, just like “If I’m Dead” and “Annie Off The Rails.”

Hogan’s Goat is one of a very small handful of albums that gets better the longer you listen to it. I find that my favorite song on most albums is in the beginning and then it goes downhill from there; this album just ups the ante on every single song. It’s unbelievable that this is a debut album; I’ve heard albums from veteran musicians that don’t reach this level. This is an album you absolutely need.

  1. Rat Boy
  2. Pennymade
  3. Shit Kicker
  4. Annie Off The Rails
  5. Over The Palisade
  6. If I’m Dead
  7. John Doe
  8. Jack and Jill
  9. Elkhorn Mountain
  10. Drinkin’ With The Priest

Post by Karen Shalev

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