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I recently had the chance to go see a band that I’ve been hearing about for a few months called Old Notes. They had a tour kickoff show at Programme Skate and Sound in Fullerton, CA. We talked about the beginning of the band as well as the SoCal music scene and our favorite music. Check it out below!

Concert Crap: You guys are an emo band. Did you know going into this that, that was the type of music you wanted to play?

Devin Trott: The band started out with the general emo twinkle midwest sound. Eli and I both loved Blink-182 growing up as musicians. So we jammed that one day.

Eli Martinez: We never talked after that for about 6 years but somehow we both grew up liking the same exact music without any contact with each other. So it’s kind of cool that we met back up after that long.

Justin Marquez: I never really knew about emo as a genre. Then I joined the band and got woke and realized it’s a beautiful style of music.

Devin Trott: It’s not supposed to be sad, it’s supposed to be beautiful in a way.

Justin Marquez: It’s also extremely cathartic.

CC: What’s it been like being a band in the SoCal music scene? 

EM: Oversaturated. All the shows are happening at the same time. 10 shows in the same area in one night.

JM: Not a competition but if you’re like hey, we should play a show together their like oh we’re playing a show the exact same night. There’s so much music trying to get out.

CC: You just released a song called Rocco about the loss of a pet, which i have experienced and it isn’t fun at all. Did writing that song help you through the loss of your pet? 

DT: Pets bring a beautiful connection to your life. Talking about it is still painful. We had the music and everything and we were writing lyrics. A week later I just had to get it out in other ways cause I was a wreck.

EM: I think at first you were writing other lyrics for the song and then once that happened

DT: It just came out, it was awful But I’m really glad because it really helped me cope and now that I have that, I’m glad that he has a legacy now.

CC: Who do you get inspiration from? 

EM: I think our music a lot draws from specific bands like Free Throw, Tiny Moving Parts. There’s Death Cab For Cutie vibes.

DT: The newer stuff we’ve been writing is going towards a heavier sound. Like Touche Amore, maybe Thrice a little bit as well.

EM: We still wanna have some softer elements going on, we have some post rock going on. So there’s an Explosions In The Sky vibe going on.

CC: What are some bands or albums that you’ve been listening to lately?

JM: I’ve been listening to Mom Jeans’ album. I listen to that going to work and coming home I listen to A Great Big Pile Of Leaves.

EM: Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold, also Free Throw. Moving Mountains Self Titled album and that’s my instant sleepy album.

DT: I’ve been jamming Suis De Lune from Topshelf Records. I don’t know the name of it.

EM: It’s the one with all the black and purple colors on the cover. 

Make sure to check out Old Notes’s new song “Rocco”

All questions answered by Devin Trott, Eli Martinez and Justin Marquez

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Post and interview by Madeline Cronin

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