Interview: Bent Knee talks summer tour, staying cool and more

Concert Crap: Who is Bent Knee?

Ben Levin: Bent Knee is an eclectic rock band featuring Courtney Swain on vocals/keys, Jessica Kion on bass, Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth on drums, Ben Levin on guitar, Chris Baum on violin, and Vince Welch on synth/sound design.  Each band member has a unique set of strengths, and when all 6 members converge, we form a mega-person that makes awesome music.

CC: You guys are currently in the middle of your summer tour, how has it been so far?

BL: This run has been excellent so far.  It’s the first tour we’ve done since our new album “Land Animal” came out, so we’re getting to see people’s reactions to the songs.  It’s exciting that there hasn’t been just one obvious favorite song from audiences; every track seems to have some big fans.  Our audiences have been getting quiet during the soft parts and freaking out during the loud parts of our set, so the music seems to be connecting.

CC: Can you explain what a live Bent Knee show is to those who have yet to see you guys live?

BL: Bent Knee live is a very communal and fun experience.  Our music is pretty dark, but our live set is  cathartic and energized, so people come together and get emotional in a great way.  Our show is notably unpredictable because our songs are extremely dynamic and draw from a wide range of styles.  

CC: How do you like staying cool during summer?

BL: In Bent Knee, we do not like to stay cool during the summer.  We all live in Boston where it gets numbingly cold during the winter, so we just let ourselves get as close as possible to heat stroke during the summer so we can save the hot memories for when it gets cold again.  You can often spot us getting out of our van wearing full body fur coats in 110 degree weather.  We used to have a 7th member but he is a puddle now and we had to leave him in LA.

CC: Why should people care about Bent Knee?

BL: I think if people care about us, we do a great job making it worth their while.  We push ourselves to make each album better than the last and we play our hardest regardless of the size of our audience at any given show.  

CC: What else can we expect from Bent Knee for the rest of 2017

BL: For the rest of 2017 we are touring/promoting Land Animal and writing new music for future albums.  Our fans inspire us and we want to play for as many of them as possible!

All questions answered by Ben Levin.

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Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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