Album Review – Culture Wars – “Culture Wars” EP

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Austin, TX based electro-rock band Culture Wars recently released their self-titled EP, Culture Wars. The EP features five tracks that all have a very fun, energetic sound to them.

To start things off is “Lies”, which should grab your attention immediately because of the catchy guitar and synth lines in the song. Not only are the guitars and the synth incredibly catchy but they also become a driving element for a “Lies” and most of the other songs on the EP.

Second, we have “Bones”, which has a much darker feel to it than “Lies” did. This song has a light side / dark side to it that you hear while listening. The verses have a very dark feeling to them while the chorus has a very light feeling.

Afterwards is the lead single from the EP “Money (Gimme Gimme)”. “I get this feeling everyone just wants something from me” is the opening line to the track and I get the feeling the song is about being used. After the opening line, lead singer Alex Dugan lists off a bunch of things that people use other people for. This is probably my favorite track on the EP due to the heavy guitar that’s present throughout the song. After “Money” is second to last track “Hideaway”. This one is really different from the previously heard songs because it has a much more upbeat sound to it. It’s driven by the drums and has raspy but powerful vocals throughout.

Capping things off is the “Delilah (Tear Me Away)”, which has a more uplifting feel to it than previous tracks. The opening features a flute which is an unexpected surprise that pops up throughout.

The world of synth-rock is inundated with bands that all sound really similar. But I believe that Culture Wars could be the band that brings some freshness to the scene. In only five tracks they’ve thrown in a lot of different styles of music and made it all cohesive. If this is what they do with five tracks, then a full album would be something to pay attention to.

Post by Madeline Cronin

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