Album Review: Make Them Suffer – “Worlds Apart”


If you want an album that lets you try out the kiddie pool before you swim with the big kids, this is not it. If you want a unique album that is one of the best releases this year, Make Them Suffer’s latest release Worlds Apart is for you. The lyrics are brutally heavy and the music takes absolutely no prisoners.

What makes this album interesting and really sets it apart from other heavy albums, especially in deathcore/metalcore, are the hauntingly ethereal backup vocals provided by Booka Nile. She provides a really good contrast from vocalist Sean Harmanis’ lower-pitched vocals; what ends up happening is that his vocals actually sound even better. On top of that, she gives the album a feminine touch that you very rarely see in this genre and it’s an asset that gives Make Them Suffer a serious edge.

The songs on this album really are all good. “Uncharted” lets Nile on the keys shine. “Grinding Teeth” has a really strong opening and really cool guitar by Nick Mclernon. The drums by Tim Madden in “Vortex” are killer, as is the song itself. Jaya Jeffery does a great job on the entire album in keeping the rhythm going; he’s definitely a strong backbone.

My favorite song on this album is a tie between “Fireworks” and “Save Yourself.” “Fireworks” stands out from the rest of the album because the music is just beautiful, yet still has a bite to it. “Save Yourself” tops “Fireworks” when it comes to the lyrics. The bit at the end where vocalist Harmanis speaks directly to the audience also just makes the song feel more personal, while also connecting each of us to the inner turmoil we all have and really allowing a discussion for it. Nile’s work on the keys at the end is also a perfect end.

Worlds Apart is a stunning release from Make Them Suffer.

  1. First Movement
  2. Uncharted
  3. Grinding Teeth
  4. Vortex
  5. Fireworks
  6. Contact
  7. Power Overwhelming
  8. Midnight Run
  9. Dead Plains
  10. Save Yourself

Post by Karen Shalev

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