Interview: Who is Upright Man?

Photo Credit: Sloane Morrison

Concert Crap: In 3 words (1 for each band member), how would you describe your band to someone who’s never heard of you?

Nick: Rapacious

Max: Fffffffffunmp

Aidan: Whhaaaaaooooahhh

CC: You guys all met while you were studying classical music composition. How did you get from there to your current sound of rock?

Max: In college, the genre “classical” can be pretty open ended. Someone banging on a can for an hour could be considered praiseworthy if they recorded it on a hill in Mexico and used 5 different cans to produce a song cycle. While I’m a fan of “Sonata For Can In Tomato Bisque Minor”, I also dig more approachable music and I think we all had that in common.  

Nick: We didn’t necessarily start with the classical music, it was just an education.

Aidan: The classical music education during college was just a phase of my education. I started at NYU for jazz performance and when I was a kid and it was originally rock music that got me into playing guitar and singing. Upright Man is a bit of a return to those for me, except with a lot more skills and tools.

CC: How has Upright Man changed from its early days to now?

Nick: We’ve all developed as writers and players, we’re much tighter and we have a more cohesive sound.

Max: We suck less.

Aidan: All of us as individuals are constantly growing as musicians in our own way, but we also have a chemistry that is always evolving as a band. In the early days, we weren’t always on the same page about where to take songs and what we thought the band sounded like, but the more and more we play and write together, our visions of Upright Man become more in line with each other.

CC: You guys are on tour pretty much all summer. What are some interesting experiences you’ve had out on the road?

Nick: We saw the Bass Pro Shop and Waterfowling Heritage Center pyramid in Memphis. That was pretty cool. Aliens bro.

Max: I got to order a plate of chicken wings, french fries, a hot fudge sundae brownie and a chessboard all at the same time. The American Dream.

Aidan: I guess we stuck out like a sore thumb at a diner in Greensboro, NC and we befriended some locals after they asked us if we’re in a rock band. The van hasn’t broken down yet.

CC: What can we expect from Upright Man in the future?

Nick: More.


Aidan: Lot’s of live shows in the future after our album release on August 18th! We’ll have some music videos and other content coming along the way too!

CC: What’s everyone’s ringtone?

Nick: Robot.

Max: I’m giving up my cellphone in favor of carrier pigeons. So the answer to your question is the soft cooing of New York’s flying rats.

Aidan: I wish everyone would stop using xylophone because i totally chose it first..

CC: Do you have anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

Max: Send nudes.

Aidan: Give a listen to our pre-release track, “Say What You Mean” premiering on July 31st!

All questions answered by Aidan Dolan (guitar/vocals), Nick Katz (bass/vocals) and Max Yassky (drums/percussion/background vocals).

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Post by Karen Shalev

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