Album Review: Combichrist – “This is Where Death Begins”


Combichrist’s This Is Where Death Begins is a heavy-hitting, brutal, even demonic, album. From the first track “We Are The Plague,” you get slammed with really heavy drums and guitar that just screeches. “Glitchteeth” is quite an interesting song; it’s almost tame when compared to the rest of the album, but absolutely still has the same bite and “take no BS” attitude that the entire album has. This song also has a little bit more of an electronica element than some of the other songs. “Blackened Heart” is another song that relies heavily on the electronica; it’s actually similar to a sound that you hear a lot in EDM, but it’s combined with this really heavy metal. It seems like it should be a weird combination, but it creates this really cool, evil sound.

The vocals on this album range from just quiet, clean singing all the way up to some inhuman sounding growl; there’s definitely a good blend between the singing and growling, so you get a nice variety. The drums are just relentless, hammering from the start of the album to the end. The bass gives you no breaks and the guitar just screams. The electronica that’s in this album might be off-putting at first, but when you listen to the album, it all works.

If you’re just starting to get into metal, this is not for you. This album is definitely suited for the fans who like the kind of metal that is just perfect for a wall of death. This Is Where Death Begins is a ruthless, take no prisoners album, and a great one in its genre.

  1. We are the Plague
  2. My Life My Rules
  3. Glitchteeth
  4. Exit Eternity
  5. Skullcrusher
  6. Time Again
  7. Destroy Everything
  8. Tired of Hating You
  9. Don’t Care How You Feel About it
  10. Blackened Heart
  11. Pay to Play
  12. Slakt
  13. Black Tar Dove Pt. 1
  14. Black Tar Dove Pt. 2
  15. Homeward

Post by Karen Shalev

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