Album Review: Insatia – “Phoenix Aflame”

Insatia - Phoenix Aflame 1500 x 1500

Insatia’s latest album Phoenix Aflame opens with “Intro (Land Of The Living).” The first thing you hear is this siren song of a beautiful, high, clear soprano. The song then transforms into a power metal anthem, but finishes with the siren song. It sets the tone for this album that will suck you in, drag you under, and keep you under its spell.

“Sacred” is one of the most amazing tracks on this album. The lyrics are beautiful and their phrasing really brings them forward. The extra little touch with the violin really makes this song stand out from other songs both on this album and in this genre. The title track “Phoenix Aflame” is another amazing track. The vocals have a great range between those beautiful high notes to some really colorful low notes. The guitar is fast and more brutal in this song. Each hit of the drum is a reminder to tap your toe or nod your head and the bass is pure magic. “Not My God” slows the album down a little bit and brings in a little piano. The song is actually a duet, which gives it a nice contrast from the rest of the songs on the album.

Insatia’s Phoenix Aflame, out June 23, is a standout power metal album.

  1. Intro (Land of the Living)
  2. Act Of Mercy
  3. Memory of Sapphire
  4. Sacred
  5. We Are The Gray
  6. Phoenix Aflame
  7. Not My God
  8. Captor And The Captive
  9. Velvet Road
  10. My Healer of Hatred

Post by Karen Shalev

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