Interview: Lakeshore talks Warped Tour, new album and more


Recently I talked with Ben Lionetti of Lakeshore about their new album, “41”, and some other topics regarding the band’s future. Lakeshore is a newer band from CT partially formed with ex members of Emmure, Ben and Joe Lionetti. Check out the interview below:

 CC: You have a new EP dropping on August 4th. What can fans expect from this?

Ben Lionetti: Expect some fresh new rock and roll you can enjoy with your friends and have fun singing along!

CC: After you and Joe departed Emmure, what was the inspiration to join Lakeshore?

BL: We just wanted to do something that was completely from the heart and something that had real meaning behind it with musical influences we grew up listening to.

CC: Who are your musical influences?

BL: Deftones, Aerosmith, KoRn, Steely Dan anything that rocks and gives you “that” feeling.

CC: Where is one place that you hope to tour one day?

BL: I would love to make it back to Australia, but either way we are just excited to get back out there and play these tunes for everyone!

CC: What bands or artists have you recently been listening to?

BL: Cult of Aurora from Italy and Vault 51 from Atlanta Georgia- 2 great bands.

CC: What was the strangest or most memorable conversation that you’ve had with a fan?

BL: I wont choose just one cause each one whether strange or deep and meaningful means something… they’re all special to us.

CC:What are your hopes for Lakeshore in the future?

BL: We want it all…

CC: If you could switch lives with one of your band members, who would you choose and why?

BL: Prob Chris our bass player cause he’s so level headed… sometimes I feel like a complete maniac lol

CC: After the Vans Warped Tour ends, what are your plans?

BL: We go on tour with Alesana & Eyes Set To Kill starting August 4th which is the day we release our debut EP “41” Also will have a music video coming out for the last track on the album called “Pure//Imagination that day. That’s about it for now!

All questions answered by Ben Lionetti.

Be sure to check out Lakeshore’s new album, “41”, available August 4th, and follow them on social media:

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Post and photos by Brooke Champine

What are your thoughts on Lakeshore? Comment below!

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