Song Review : Tempting Fate “Carousel”

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Tempting Fate is a band that was formed by two brothers in Los Angeles, California in 2010. The band got their name after they literally tempted fate while driving from the bay area down to LA in the pouring rain. Fast forward to 2017, the band now has two more members and they just released their newest single called “Carousel” from their upcoming album Catharsis.

“Carousel” is a catchy song with a really unique instrument choice. The guitar that’s heard through most of the song has a Spanish feel to it. That’s something not heard in rock / metal songs but it adds an element to the song that I haven’t heard before.

Besides the unique sounding guitar in the song, there’s something else that was really special. “Carousel” has dual vocals in it which by itself isn’t that special, but Tempting Fate tells a story with the dual vocals. Lyrically, the song discusses going through the average day of a person with anxiety. One of the vocalists sings as the person and the other vocalist is the persons conscience. That’s how I interpreted the song and it was cool to hear a narrative going on.

Tempting Fate put a lot of surprising elements into what is a pretty short song. They pushed the envelope with “Carousel” by adding in the narrative that the song is focused on. I’m really excited to hear more from this band.

Listen here – 

Post by Madeline Cronin

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