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Interview: Hogan’s Goat talks band name, influences, and more


Concert Crap: Ok, I have to start with the obvious: the name. You took it from a tale in Scottish folklore. Where did you originally hear the story and why choose that as the name of the band?

John Salmon: So Hogan’s Goat was originally only the name of the album. We decided that if we were going to rebrand this was the time to do it. One night, Dono told a story about this goat and how his Dad referenced it while “partying.” “I’m f*cked up like Hogan’s Goat boys,” he’d say. We decided on the name because it represents our against the grain style, and our acceptance that we might not fit in perfectly. We might be different.

CC: Your music is extremely unique. Where do you get your musical inspirations?

JS: We draw inspiration from all over. From Guns N’ Roses to Mastodon. From Clutch to Stevie Wonder. From the Cult to old outlaw country. Sprinkle in some Stevie Wonder. We’re all over the place, which is what makes us a bit harder to peg.

CC: You’ve been working on your debut, self-titled album for quite a while, which is releasing July 18. What most inspired the album?

JS: Each other. The greatest part about the band is that we’re all good friends. We’re brothers. We’ve also had a few people pass away that we were very close to. It’s motivating to create something they would be proud of.

CC: Do you write the music as a group or is there a certain person/people who write the music?

JS: We write collectively. The majority of the album was written together over a period of about a year. I also want to make sure a few other people get credit here.. Sol Philcox (guitars) was heavily involved as well as Nate Zensen (guitars & bass). Both of those guys were part of the band at one point. Also, Justin Gilley, a close friend, was an awesome asset lyrically.

CC: Where do you hope to see Hogan’s Goat go in the future?

JS: Our main priority is to hit the road. We want to tour. Whether that’s our own gig, or jumping on a bigger bill as support. That’s the immediate goal.

CC: What does your ideal tour look like and where does it go?

JS: Speak of the devil. I think we would really crush the west coast. So starting in Nashville, up through Chicago, across to Denver, up to Billings, MT where two of us are from, and down towards LA.. hitting other cities throughout. Then, coming back through Texas etc. Obviously the southeastern region is of great importance to us, and we would also love to hit the northeast. A european tour would be bad ass, too!

CC: What’s a fun fact about the band we’d be surprised to know?

JS: It’s pretty cool that we’re from all over the place, and ended up meeting in Nashville. As I mentioned before, Wayne and Dono are from Billings, MT., Aaron is from Denton, TX, and Thomas is from Southern Pines, NC. I’m [John] the only one originally from Nashville.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

JS: We appreciate being able to do things like this, and everyone go get the god forsaken album when it comes out July 18th!!

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Post by Karen Shalev

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