Album Review: Moretta – “What’s Left Means Nothing”

Moretta WLMN Album Cover

Moretta’s What’s Left Means Nothing is a great album, perfect for everyone who likes heavy music.

The entire album has really good, satisfying breakdowns. Something really interesting about this album is that a lot of times, the song goes in a direction that’s different to what you expect. So many songs you can predict how they’re going to evolve, or where the breakdown will come, but What’s Left Means Nothing moves away from the conventional and expected. They also show that in the timing of the songs; there’s really no downtime in between each song. When the track stops, the next one immediately starts. The abrupt switch was confusing at first, but it’s fine once you’ve listened to the album a few times. It’s also another way that Moretta is unique from a lot of other bands.

The intro to “Watch Me Suffer” is one you’ll be playing air guitar or air drums to. I really like “Codependent on Heartbreak.” Between the guitar and the screams, it’s the song I’d be most excited to see performed live. I also really love “Hurricane.” “Codependent on Heartbreak” is mostly screams whereas “Hurricane” has more clean vocals. The lyrics in both songs are great.

If you like heavy, get What’s Left Means Nothing.

  1. This Feeling
  2. At One Point
  3. Death Wish
  4. Watch Me Suffer
  5. Headstone Remorse
  6. Modern Day Coward
  7. Hurricane
  8. Cue The Silence
  9. Codependent on Heartbreak
  10. Revive The Broken
  11. The Unknown

Post by Karen Shalev

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