Interview: Moretta talks new album, guest covers and more

Concert Crap: Your new release, What’s Left Means Nothing, is out later this month, can you talk about the creation of this album and your best moments from its inception?

Joe Paisley: We actually recorded the entire thing in Paisley’s basement! The best thing about this approach was that we were able to change, tweak, tryout ideas, add things, re-record anything we wanted whenever we needed. There was a lot of production knowledge, software, and hardware additions throughout the recording process that made a huge difference in the overall sound of the record. Being able to dive back into to sessions at will was a game changer for us. The best part was hearing the songs slowly develop into what would ultimately be their final versions.

CC: Sorry, long question coming, so prepare yourself. You guys have great build up moments on the album that reach the pinnacle breakdowns and screams in certain songs, such as “At One Point”. Do you think this build up reaching the peak of certain songs is important to establishing who Moretta as a band is?

JP: Hey, that wasn’t too long of a question. You scared us. We all got our reading glasses out and everything haha… YES! Dynamics are a very important part of our writing process. The quick stops, softer instrument sections, etc are all used to setup that apex moment you are talking about. Allowing the song to evolve and keep even the most musical of ears entertained is always top of mind during our writing process.

CC: Do you enjoy building up the song to a faster and louder sound, or do you prefer to go balls to the wall and full force right off the bat?

JP: A balance of both. If they were all dick-punchers right out the gate, then those hard-start tracks no longer surprise attack you. If they were all soft-starts, same type of result. We strongly feel that you have to be able to mix it up and keep the ears entertained.

CC: Your “About” section on your band Facebook simply says “Metalcore with character”. Can you sum up that metalcore character for us and why Moretta stands out amongst other metalcore bands?

JP: We all bring a wide range of musical influences to the table and we allow all those influences to be explored in the jam space. No idea is too far fetched. We aren’t striving to sound like or be like anyone. There’s so much imitation in the Metalcore world it’s sickening. We understand why that’s the case (because it proves to be successful), but we won’t ever shape ourselves to someone else’s established mold. If you’re not authentic and proud of what you’re creating, that forced persona will eventually lead to disaster down the road.

CC: KC just did a drum cover of Wage War’s “Stitch”. If you could pick any artist to cover a Moretta song, who would you pick and why?

Paisley – Nothing More. I love them with all my hearts.

Robby – Avatar. Their musicianship mixed with stage presence…it would be such a trip

KC – Wage War. They are one of my current favs

CC: Why should people care about Moretta?

JP: We focus on lyrical content just as much as how we sound. If you like heavier music with actual lyrical substance, we might just be your new, 7th favorite band.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fan or anyone who might be reading this interview right now?

JP: We put everything we have into What’s Left Means Nothing and can’t wait to set it free on July 28th! Keep in touch by liking our Facebook page at

All questions answered by vocalist Joe Paisley.

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Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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