Album Review: VISTA – “Long Live” EP

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VISTA is an American rock band that formed after the solo career of lead singer Hope Vista. Greg Almeida joined the band and added another member to the lineup, officially creating the band they are today. They have a new EP coming out titled Long Live, which will be out July 21st

The EP begins with “Allegiance” which was previously released as a single. Up next is “Inside Anxious”, it starts out with pounding bass hits almost like heart beats. Which once the vocals begin you will come to realize that they are in fact supposed to be heartbeats. Later on, there’s a really unexpected electronic part and then the song mellows out and ends shortly after that.

“Long Live” is up a little later in the EP. VISTA describes themselves as a stadium rock band and “Long Live” has a stadium rock feel to it. The song is not only powerful sounding but it’s also very encouraging. Hope Vista, the lead singer sings of going through low points in life but being able to rise up and prove people wrong. “Part III” is the standout track for me on this EP. It sounds completely different than anything heard on the EP so far. It features an acoustic guitar and vocals, it’s a very basic, low-key song but it shows that Hope can sing in different styles. I could see it being played live and people holding up their cellphones and lighting up the whole venue.

The final track is called “Henchmen”, which is driven by riff heavy guitars and strong vocals. The main theme of this song seems to be going to battle because they sing “Marching up to the zone of war”. Going to battle isn’t something that’s commonly sang about so this track stands out because of that.

VISTA’s Long Live definitley demonstrates their stadium rock potential. All songs ,with the exception of “Part III” are upbeat which means that this EP is good for anyone that likes solid rock music.

  1. Allegiance
  2. Inside Anxious
  3. Hellbent
  4. Dominance 2.0
  5. Long Live
  6. Part III
  7. Henchmen

Post by Madeline Cronin

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