Album Review: In Urgency – “Painting Parallels”

Southern Californian based alternative rock band take the local scene by storm with their first full-length release entitled Painting Parallels.

Southern Californian based alternative rock band, In Urgency, has been taking both their local scene and the West Coast by storm with emotionally driven lyrics and a DIY attitude to the way they do business. In Urgency still keeps this same attitude and work ethics with their first length entitled “Painting Parallels.”

In Urgency Releases First Ever Full-Length Entitled “Painting Parallels”

The album starts with the track “The Holy Ghost.” Prior to the release of Painting Parallels, the band released a music video for this track that can be viewed on YouTube as well as the band’s social media.

The music video for “The Holy Ghost” not only created visually stunning marketing material for Painting Parallel’s release, but also, the track in general set the tone for the album quite nicely.

Fans can still expect the same energy and angst that was prevalent in the band’s debut EP, “The Vice Volumes.” Heart-on-sleeve lyrics can be found on tracks such as “Angel” and “What’s Left of Me.”

In Urgency does a phenomenal job of incorporating the nostalgic rock tones of the mid 2000s’ while putting their own personal twist on it.

What also makes this full-length release so dynamic is the fact that In Urgency does not stick to one particular style throughout this full-length release. In some parts of Painting Parallels, the angst is real and in your face. In other parts of the album, the track is taken down a few steps with acoustic instruments while still retaining the same emotional strength that is prevalent throughout this release.

The song that probably stands out above the rest on this release is “Secrets.” The song features powerful vocals, dynamic instrumental and it is an enticing track overall. Fans of Senses Fail, Finch and Armor for Sleep will especially enjoy this track.

The album concludes beautifully with the title track “Painting Parallels.” Not only does it nicely wrap up this released, but also this track incorporates a wide variety of dynamic tones that will put fans on an emotional roller coaster.

The production was nothing short of spectacular. In Urgency hired audio engineer Kyle Black to both mix and master Painting Parallels. If Kyle Black’s previous work doesn’t speak volumes to listeners, this latest release from In Urgency definitely does.

Each track has sonic clarity as each instrument can be heard easily heard from the grit of the distorted guitars to the warm of tone of the acoustic guitars.

In Urgency to Re-schedule Record Release Show

Painting Parallels is now available via Spotify and iTunes. The band planned to have a record release show at The Sildebar Rock and Roll Kitchen in Fullerton, California, however, due to health complications of frontman Chris Anderson, the band was forced to reschedule this show for a later date.

The band has yet to announced a follow up show, however, fans can expect In Urgency to play a record release show within the next few months.

For fans of: Senses Fail, Finch, Armor for Sleep

  1. The Holy Ghost
  2. All You Need
  3. Angel
  4. What’s Left of Me
  5. Dear Lovely
  6. Mile High Road (Truth or Dare)
  7. Bridges
  8. Eye of the Storm
  9. Secrets
  10. Painting Parallels

Post and photos by Matt Saunders (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website)

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