Album Review: Northern Ghost – “Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal”

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On July 7, metalcore band Northern Ghost released their debut album, Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal. This five-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio are currently on their first tour, the Tragic Hero Records Tour, with The Dead Rabbitts, I Set My Friends On Fire, and Set To Stun. The tour is just about over, but make sure to catch them if they’re coming to your town.

The album opens with “Deathwish.” The introduction is slow and steady, with a good beat. After just a few seconds, it picks up and gets heavy and fast, a sound that is heard for most of the album. The lines “it’s funny how we see things so different in the dark, it’s funny how life works when everything falls apart” really stand out. “Not The Real Me” begins fast and heavy, before going into a very smooth sound that makes you want to move. That same melody is heard throughout the rest of the song. “False Paradise” has sort of a Slipknot-esque vibe to it with the lyrics at the start of the song. Another song with a slower, melodic beginning is “On My Own.” This song does get heavier, and it flows well into the chorus. This is definitely a song where you can hear the emotion in lead singer Tony McVaney’s voice.

“Hole,” immediately launches into a song with a catchy beat. “I know I’m sick, but you’re much sicker,” is repeated a few times before the breakdown. The first verse of “Terminal” has almost an intentionally creepy feel to it. It starts to get progressively heavier as the work “sick” is repeated. I really like the line “a little taste of heaven has left me scarred and marked.” The last song on the album, “The Donors,” has a sound that is a bit different from the rest of the record, but it still works well with the other songs. The album fades to a close with “we are, we are the donors,” being sung.

With so many new bands popping up these days, you really have to have something unique to stand out. Northern Ghost succeeds with that, having a sound that is distinct when compared to the other bands in their genre.

  1. Deathwish
  2. Not The Real Me
  3. Heart Of Stone
  4. False Paradise
  5. Clouds
  6. On My Own
  7. If I’m Still Breathing, Then I’m Still Waiting
  8. Face To Face
  9. Purge
  10. Hole
  11. Terminal
  12. The Donors

Post by Anna Rhodes

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