Album Review: The Sometimes Island – “Bad People” EP


Los Angeles transplant Matt Blankenship Jr. A.K.A. The Sometimes Island is set to release a new EP called Bad People. The EP is full of fun sounds and has a summer time feel to it.

The EP begins with “I Can’t Move On”,- which is a very calm track with a synth beat going on in the background. “Golden Rule” is up next and it reminded me of a reggae song because of the beat of the piano in the background. The vocals are calm in most parts but you start to hear more and more of what Blankenship can do with his voice.

A little later on is “Bad People”, this is the latest single and it’s my favorite track on the EP. It starts off with a bubbly sound complete with a clap track. There’s lots of different percussion elements going on which gives it a very dancy feel. “Mornings Are The Worst” is the second to last song on the EP. Unlike anything heard previously, this mostly just features an acoustic guitar and vocals. “Mornings are the worst, that’s when the world comes back” is one of the lyrics that stuck out to me the most from the whole EP. As well all know dreams take us away to wherever we want to go and waking up in the morning brings us back to reality. That lyric is very simple but it’s very true.

The EP ends with “Wish I Met You Before”, which is a mellow track with a driving drum beat. One of the coolest things that you’ll hear when listening to this song is the little pop-ins by the guitar. The guitar is very bright sounding and contrasts with the drums and vocals, making it stand out really well.

Bad People has a lot of different sounds mixed in throughout it’s seven tracks. There are some slower tracks and some more upbeat tracks, but they all flow together to create an EP that’s a perfect edition to your Summer playlist.

  1. I Can’t Move On
  2. Golden Rule
  3. Stick To Yer Guns
  4. Bad People
  5. Succulent
  6. Mornings Are The Worst
  7. Wish I Met You Before

The Sometimes Island will be going on tour this Summer, check out the dates below.

7/29                Los Angles, CA             EL CID (Bad People EP release show)
7/31                Folsom, CA                   Nicholson’s Musicafe
8/1                  Ashland, OR                  Oberon’s Tavern
8/2                  Seattle, WA                    Substation
8/3                  Port Townsend, WA       Boiler Room
8/4                  Portland, OR                  Ranger Station
8/5                  Eureka, CA                    Little Red Lion
8/6                  Reno, NV                       Sparks Lounge
8/7                 Santa Cruz, CA               Bocci’s Cellar
8/8                 Pacifica, CA                     Winters Tavern
8/9                 San Francisco, CA           Revolution Cafe
8/11                San Diego, CA                City Pub

Post by Madeline Cronin

What are your thoughts on this EP? Comment below.

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