Guest Blog: Vespera – “Collaborative Sense vs. Competitive Sense”

I just want to get straight to the point with this. I don’t want to bother wasting your time with colorful and flowery language just for the sake of being creative. My goal with this blog is to get a message across, and I want to have a direct conversation with whoever reads this. I’ve been on this continuing change of perspective. Call it a point of clarity, but I just want to share something that I think is extremely important for not only the artist, but for human beings in general. Read this metaphorically if you must.

Your art expands when artists of different avenues create together. Many of us forget that we are all truly dependent on each other. Human nature genuinely confuses me at times. We seem to criticize one another to give ourselves a false of superiority, yet we remain unfulfilled. There is no room for selfishness, jealousy, envy, or pettiness when you make the conscious decision to become a true artist. It seems as though the majority would rather entertain themselves criticizing the work of others than spend the time creating with them.

Art was never about the ego. It’s always been about the soul. I’ve come to realize that a critic is an artist who lacks the ability to create. Even if you don’t understand the art, you must be willing to understand that someone took the time and energy to construct that piece of work you might be criticizing. If you ask questions to learn the reasoning behind someone’s creation, it might change your perspective and personal interests.

We should take the time to look into other art forms. There are painters, hair stylists, graphic designers, chefs, directors, producers, bartenders, fashion designers, photographers, videographers, musicians outside of our respective worlds, and so many more! It’s important we continue discovering what makes us feel inspired and somehow give back to our extended communities. I believe that we are all symbiotic. We should take time to focus on the crafts of others and potentially collaborate with art we believe in. At the end of the day, we’re only helping our own community. You never know what wonderful opportunities can spawn tomorrow due to a small act of genuine kindness today.

Find a musician, a fashion designer, a model, a photographer, or even a stranger in need of a small act of kindness, and just see how you can contribute to their lives. In giving, I promise you will receive. Days pass by and we all float past genuine talent who lack the knowledge or resources to grow. Lend them a helping hand. Create something beyond what you’ve both ever created, and let your combined audiences bare witness. I promise something amazing will come to fruition.

With Vespera, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with so many people in such a short amount of time. I made a promise to myself that Vespera would be a band that focused on collaborative means rather than competitive means, and we could not be happier with our decision. We’ve collaborated with so many people both inside and outside the artistic realms, and the results have been greater than what we ever expected. It’s amazing what can be achieved as a collective unit rather than in solitude. Create something with a stranger and watch your world expand before your very eyes. There are infinite opportunities out there in the world, and we only rob ourselves of those possibilities by closing ourselves off rather than remaining keen and receptive.

– Jonathan Wolfe

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Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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