Album Review : The Moose – “All Wax / No Wick” EP’s

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Chicago indie rock band The Moose recently released the final part to their two part EP, All Wax / No Wick. Each EP has a different feel to it along with different instrumental styles. All Wax is a lot more calm with a more Indie sound to it and No Wick has a more alternative rock feel.

All Wax has four songs to it, starting with “Where’s Pierre?”. It’s the calmest on the EP as it’s mostly just an acoustic guitar and vocals. Right off the bat you can hear the strength behind the lead singer’s vocals. “Mr. Monday” is next and is was my favorite track because it was really catchy. There’s heavy guitars but it’s not a heavy song and the vocals fit in perfectly on top of the guitar and other instruments. “Johnny Forearms” is the final track on this EP and it has a prog rock feel to it. It’s definitely different from anything that has been heard so far.

No Wick also has four songs on it but has a totally different feel stylistically then All Wax did. The first taste of how this EP is different is heard in the track, “Unique New York”. It’s a tune that’s driven by the guitar and drums, complete with a guitar solo toward the end. “Me, Myself And Karen” is the only song that is similar to what was heard on All Wax, it has the progressive rock feel to it, similar to Johnny Forearms”.

“Threeve” is the final track on this EP and is also the coolest. Around the 30 second mark, all the instruments go silent and the tempo changes, it slows down and then changes back to the original tempo. Something clever that I noticed was how the lyrics tied into the title. As far as I know, the word Threeve is made up which ties into the lyric “Your making it up as you go along”. Sometimes you hear a song and have no idea why it has that name but The Moose brought it all together with the lyrics.

Both of these EP’s help to show how versatile The Moose is with their music. They demonstrate the range of styles that they can play while still keeping small elements present in some songs. The band recently traveled to California to work on their next LP and I’m eager to hear how they combine each musical style into one record.

All Wax

  1. Where’s Pierre
  2. Mr. Monday
  3. Hold My Hand and Walk Me Through
  4. Johnny Forearms

No Wick

  1. Unique New York
  2. That’s Why My Friends Call Me Whiskers
  3. Me, Myself & Karen
  4. Threeve

Post by Madeline Cronin

What are your thoughts on these EP’s? Comment below.

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