Album Review: Sworn In – “All Smiles”

Illinois based metalcord band Sworn In returns with their highly anticipated new album, All Smiles. All Smiles is now available via Fearless Records. Catch Sworn In on the 2017 installement of Vans Warped Tour

Sworn In created waves in the metalcore community with their 2013 debut release of “The Death Card” and continued to ride this wave of success for the years following. The band laid low, so to speak, during this past year to create what is now their third album, “All Smiles.”

Sworn In Releases All Smiles via Fearless Records

All Smiles nods to the dark and heavy tones the band employed in The Death Card. Although the two albums sound similar in context, All Smiles is a breath of fresh air for the band with a newfound lyrical direction and while still retaining the aggression and brutality that fans have known them best for.

The track “All Smiles” shows how the band has grown since their debut release. This track features more clean vocals and more “groove” in the guitar riffs, elements that were not as present in the band’s previous releases. Another example of Sworn In’s experimentation with rhythm in this new album can be found at the end of the track “Puppeteer,” as the end of this track concludes with a very staccato rhythmic solo that many fans could consider “djent-influenced”.

In addition, the album also has a subtly nü metal feel to it with ambient electronic instrumentation as well as spoken lyrics. Prime examples of these elements can be found in the tracks “HELLUPUTMETHRU” and “CRY BABY.”

The album is wrapped up quite nicely with the track “CROSS MY HEART.”

The overall production of the album was nothing short of stellar. Vocals as well as instrumentation can be heard in crystal clear audio throughout the entire album. The guitars especially were well mixed and one can hear the tight and punchy aggression of the low-tuned guitars without any of the “muddy tone” one could expect from instruments that play in this lower register of music.

This is probably Sworn In’s best effort to date. The band appealed to fans that were asking for a more raw sounding album while at the same time not being afraid to experiment with new influences.

Catch Sworn In this summer on the 2017 Vans Warped Tour.

For fans of: The Plot In You, Structures, Sylar

  1. Make It Hurt
  2. Don’t Look At Me
  3. All Smiles
  4. Helluputmethru
  5. Mirror Fear
  6. Puppeteer
  7. Cry Baby
  8. The Smiling Knife
  9. Dread All
  10. Closer To Me
  11. Cross My Heart

Post and photos by Matt Saunders (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website)

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