Album Review : Modern Chemistry – “Everything in Gold”

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Modern Chemistry is gearing up to release their first full length album titled Everything in Gold on July 7. Joe Zorzi, the lead singer of the band said that they “…Wanted to record all the different aspects of our sound but make sure it all felt like a step in a new direction”.

The album begins with the title track, which is a very mellow sounding to begin with but it evolves about halfway through. The drums and the guitar progressively get louder and then releases into the chorus. “Everything in Gold” is the opener for the album and it shows off how the band can change so quickly.

“St. Rain” is a track that stuck out to me the most. Usually, a song’s structure contains, the chorus which is the upbeat part and the verse which may be a bit slower. In “St. Rain” it’s the exact opposite, which is different and not expected. Of course it doesn’t stay like this the whole time, it returns to that standard structure but the switch up makes “St. Rain”.

The second to last track, “It’s Been a While (Demons)” is the most unique sounding on the album.  The thing that stands out the most is the guitar because it sounds like it would be heard in an instrumental rock song.

The final track on the album is called “Tradewinds”. Towards the middle, there’s a part that is screamed which is the heaviest thing on the whole album. The last minute is pretty much all instrumental with a little bit of faded vocals mixed in.

Everything in Gold shows off the versatility of Modern Chemistry by mixing what’s been previously heard with new elements that the band throws into the songs. This is an album that you should listen to and don’t want to miss out on.

  1. Everything In Gold
  2. The Moment
  3. Pretty Death
  4. Tripping Over You
  5. I Can’t Take Myself Anymore
  6. Wallpaper
  7. St. Rain
  8. Fever Dream
  9. Sleep Talk
  10. It’s Been a While (Demons)
  11. Tradewinds

Post by Madeline Cronin

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