Album Review: Super Snake – “Leap of Love”

SS-Leap Of Love

You need to prepare your soul before you listen to this album. Take a step back, stop, prepare your soul. Is it ready? Ok.

Super Snake’s Leap of Love is a rollercoaster of an album. This album really straps you into a seat and takes you on a ride; it all starts with “Leap of Love,” the first song on the album and the title track. From there, the journey continues until you’re pretty much unceremoniously dumped back where you started at the end of “Take My Breath,” not understanding where the hell you just went. Then you realize that the ride is addicting, because you want to go and get back on for another round.

This album almost defies being described. There are so many different elements woven throughout that it’s hard to pin one down and identify it as being one thing; that’s the best part of this album: it needs a stronger word than prolific. There’s definitely a lot of “wah,” for lack of a better term, and some noise that is indescribable, but would absolutely be missed if it was taken out. Growling vocals abound, along with some softer parts here and there; check out “Hot Pavement” for a great example of the varying vocals. There’s definitely some grunge woven in throughout the album. Some songs are a little more rock and roll, like “Get Lost, Be Mine.” It seems like Super Snake just threw whatever they felt like at the album, which could have been a disaster, but somehow it just works together really well. There’s really no good explanation for how Leap of Love works, but Super Snake really managed to bring it together.

  1. Leap Of Love
  2. Lie4U
  3. Hot Pavement
  4. Spirit Cave
  5. Lavish Sum of Dread
  6. Sister Margaret
  7. Dreamcoated
  8. Too Late Who Cares
  9. Get Lost, Be Mine
  10. Cecilia
  11. Big Seize
  12. Take My Breath

Post by Karen Shalev

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