Album Review : Envy On The Coast – “Ritual” EP

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Seven years ago Long Island, New York band Envy On The Coast announced that they weren’t going to be continuing with the band. Jump forward to present day and the band is releasing a new EP titled Ritual on June 30th via Equal Vision Records. Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne are the two original members that are now steering the band in a new direction.

Ritual consists of six solid tracks that Ryan Hunter explains as being “Both a farewell to some of the feelings and sounds that have been a part of us forever, as well as a tease and introduction to the path ahead.” The EP begins with the track “Manic State Park”. The song is dark sounding and has a lot of heavy guitar riffs. The second track is called “Inhaler”, if I had to pick a song this would be my favorite one. The vocals on top of the guitars really make this song the heaviest on the whole EP.

“Virginia Girls” is the fourth track and it starts out with this big instrumental buildup which makes you think the song is going to be really heavy. But the buildup leads into a relatively calm song. The theme of the track seems to be a broken relationship and the feelings that occur because of that. “Sift” is the very last song on the EP and it’s the most different sounding as well. It’s a very calm sounding song, tinged with elements of electronics that haven’t been heard on the EP until now. During the chorus, the vocals sound really powerful compared to the rest of the song where the vocals are soft with almost an eerie feel to them. “Sift” was definitely an unexpected way to end the EP but it really helps wind it down.

While the screaming that was present on older tracks by the band is gone, the post-hardcore feel is still sort of there. The use of heavy guitar along with new elements like the electronics should satisfy long time fans and new fans of the band. Ritual creates a bridge between old and new sounds that shows how the band has grown and changed over time.

  1. Manic State Park
  2. Inhaler
  3. Lioness
  4. Virginia Girls
  5. How To Make A Man/Grenade
  6. Sift

Post by Madeline Cronin

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