Album Review: Defy the Tide – “Soteria”


Defy the Tide is making sure the world of melodic heavy metal will not forget their name with their third and latest EP Soteria, released back in April 2017. Expect to hear music that can stand on its own next to any of the big names.

Carly Rose’s vocals are reminiscent of Amy Lee’s; she has extremely rich, dimensional vocals with a powerful resonance and a voice you will recognize immediately. Guitarists Jesse Scott and Matthew Friede kill every single riff and solo throughout the EP. Luke Tenley is an extremely strong drummer and Greg Fristick holds everything together perfectly with his bass.

There are only four songs on Soteria, which is not nearly long enough, but all four songs are superb. “Primrose Path” has a nice strong beat with great guitar and Rose’s incredible talent is really shown off, especially as she moves from singing to screaming and from high to low.  There’s also this one really small guitar part about halfway through, but it makes you just stop for a minute and really appreciate how good the music is; you’ll notice it when you listen to the song. “A Spectre in Silence” has a really strong opening with that back and forth guitar that almost puts you in a stupor. Then Rose starts doing what she does best and you just start bopping your head in time to the music without even realizing it. Then as the song progresses and unfolds, as it moves into its quieter part with the strong instrumentation, Defy the Tide is just purely showing off how talented they are. It’s amazing how prolific they manage to be in that one song that’s not even five minutes long.

Soteria really puts a spell on anyone who listens to it. Defy the Tide is sure to become one of the next big names in their genre with such a strong EP.

  1. Traced in Flames
  2. Catalyst
  3. Primrose Path
  4. A Spectre in Silence

Post by Karen Shalev

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