Album Review: Colossal Street Jam – “Living Free”

Colossal Street Jam - Living Free - Album Cover

Living Free by Colossal Street Jam is the perfect rock album, complete with some blues, a little bit of folk, and a whole lot of soul. Vocalist Gene Potts has that raspy, scratchy voice that is exactly what you look for in a good rock and roll singer. He’s full of soul, knows how to project his energy into what he’s singing, and is chock-full of charisma. Sal Marra can hold his own against any top guitarist, astounding with his solos. Something interesting about Colossal Street Jam is that, instead of adding a second guitar, they’ve added Eric Safka on keys. It’s not what you would expect, but Safka adds an extra element that sets the music on fire. Bassist Anthony Flora definitely has magic fingers; while the bass never overwhelms any other instrument, you can hear him keeping everything together, while still managing to add his own touch to the music.  Drummer Dave Halpern not only syncs all of the other instruments together, but captivates with each and every hit of his stick.

Living Free is a very cohesive album; there aren’t any songs that seem to come out of left field that don’t fit the vibe of the rest of the songs. “Songbird” is a strikingly poignant ballad and is definitely up there as one of the best songs on this album. “I Can’t Take It” is a really fun tune; it’s a little more bluesy and just makes you want to get up and move. Colossal Street Jam’s Living Free is a Grade A album.

  1. Won’t Last This Way
  2. Skies Above
  3. Living Free
  4. Songbird
  5. Hanging Around
  6. Be Good To Yourself
  7. Monday Morning Mass
  8. I Can’t Take It
  9. Let It Go
  10. Runnin’
  11. Sweet Little Lady (Live at The Stone Pony)

Post by Karen Shalev

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