Interview: Getting to know Half Blood


Concert Crap: Why did you form your band?

Pablo Abatte: We formed the band to find a new sound, both in studio and in live performances. With the first compositions we realized that this search was on a very good path, because all the members of the band made their individual contributions.

CC: What is the meaning of your band name?

PA: The name of our band means “mestizo”, which can be used both in terms of mixtures of human races. With all the pain and suffering that brought this fact to us, especially for the first races where in some cases were exterminated completely. It can also have a deeper meaning in which certain things are linked and it creates a new blend, giving a new meaning and a new way of approaching reality.

CC: Who do you take inspiration from?

PA: All band members have diverse musical taste (not just rock and metal) which is why our influences go far beyond style. This made our sound a bit different. In terms of metal, our greatest influences are Sepultura, Slipknot, and Gojira, among others.

CC: How would you describe your sound?

PA: Our sound comes from a mixture of every band member. Our individuality’s create one sound that’s called Half Blood, sometimes pure chaos, but also with a lot of melody.

CC: What can we expect to see from Half Blood in 2017?

PA: This year we will continue to promote our debut album, presenting some videoclips from our singles. On the other hand we also have some dates scheduled mid-year. We are very anxious to play live so that people see our show. We have worked very hard to provide a quality show.

CC: What are some goals you’d love to achieve as a band?

PA: We want to achieve international recognition, we know it’s a long way off, but from day one we had that goal in our mind. That implies that we want to make the best music possible, professionally recorded, the best audiovisual material possible, and above all, provide a show that people remember.

CC: What do you want your current fans and new fans to know about you?

PA: We want all our fans to know our music, that’s the main thing. But also that nothing has come easily. It has taken a lot of work and effort to prepare the album. The clear conviction of our main goal gave us the necessary encouragement to continue working on each stage of production of the album. Hard work can do everything!

CC: Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?

PA: Most of all, greetings to everyone who took the time to read the interview. If you want to know more about the band, follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and our YouTube channel, and you can also visit our website (

All questions answered by drummer Pablo Abatte.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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