Album Review: Fire From The Gods – “Narrative Retold”

Fire From The Gods - Narrative Retold - Album Cover

Narrative Retold by Fire From The Gods is a GOOD album. “The Taste” is an absolutely amazing song. The vocals are killer and the music is insane. It’s the heavy music with a message that this album promises to deliver, but it doesn’t shove anything down your throat. Throughout the entire album in fact, not just this one song, the point of the music is clearly brought across. It’s persuasive, but not annoying. And unlike so many albums, Narrative Retold has a real message it’s sending. “The Voiceless” has a great mix of singing and screaming in it. “End Transmission” is really well-written and one of the most addicting songs on the album.

Narrative Retold has taken influences from metal, rock, hip-hop, reggae, and so much more. “Into the Blue” is a little bit hip-hop, but also metal. “Excuse Me” has some reggae and hip-hop, and an excellent melody (this song also has an acoustic version on the album). The combination of all of these influences has created this interesting album that doesn’t sound like anything else you’ve ever heard. Fire From The Gods has established a very unique sound.

A big part of the reason this album is so good is vocalist AJ Channer. Besides being extremely charismatic, his voice is unique; you’ll recognize it immediately. He has a great range, sings and screams with the same amount of talent, and puts so much soul into the songs that he’ll make you believe in what he’s singing wholeheartedly. The other band members aren’t to be forgotten, either. Guitarists Jameson Teat and Drew Walker never disappoint. Throughout the entire album, the guitars are a highlight. Bassist Bonner Baker and Richard Wicander seem to have been born to play their respective instruments.

Narrative Retold is a solid album from Fire From The Gods. With its multiple influences, it’s sure to attract a large audience.

  1. The Voiceless
  2. The Taste
  3. Public Enemy
  4. End Transmission
  5. Excuse Me
  6. Composition
  7. Evolve
  8. Pretenders
  9. Diversion
  10. In Spite Of Doubt
  11. Lifeline
  12. Into The Blue
  13. Excuse Me (Acoustic)

Post by Karen Shalev

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