Album Review: Volumes – “Different Animals”

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On June 9th, metalcore band Volumes released their third full-length album, Different Animals. Formed in 2009, this five-piece band hails from Los Angeles, California. It has been about three years since their last album, and fans both old and new have been eagerly awaiting new music from Volumes.

“Waves Control” is a fast, heavy start to the album. Thematically, it is bleak, opening with the line “fuck it, why don’t you just let me overdose?” The same heavy sound is maintained throughout the song, before fading to a close. “Disaster Vehicle” begins with a catchy hook that holds your attention for the whole song. The lyrics are pretty memorable as well, leaving you singing along after your first time listening to the song. “Interlude” slows things down for a bit, before transitioning perfectly into “Hope,” both of which use some of the same lyrics. The latter starts with a rapped verse that goes well over the steady beat maintained throughout the song. “Hope” may be my favorite song on the album.

“On Her Mind” has a heavy beginning. This song features Pouya. The music video for the song can be found here. The beginning of “Heavy Silence” is a bit different, as it is slow and melodic before getting faster and heavier. This is one of the shorter songs on the record, and it seems to end slightly abruptly. Different Animals closes with “Left For Dead.” This last song starts with a steady build up before pausing for a couple of seconds, only to launch into the line “left for dead inside my mind.” This is another pretty short song, with not a lot of lyrics in it. After the words “let me fucking go,” the album almost peacefully comes to a close.

Different Animals is an album where each song has their own distinct sound. Even though each track can stand alone, together they form this new release, which is sure to gain the attention of listeners everywhere.

  1. Waves Control
  2. Finite
  3. Feels Good
  4. Disaster Vehicle
  5. Pieces
  6. Interlude
  7. Hope
  8. Tides Change
  9. On Her Mind (feat. Pouya)
  10. Heavy Silence
  11. Pullin’ Shades
  12. Left For Dead

Post by Anna Rhodes

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