Album Review : Play The Ace – “All My Friends are Ghosts” EP

Dallas, Texas band Play The Ace has just released a debut EP called All My Friends Are Ghosts. This band is pretty special because their composed of all young women and they’re still in high school! They combine the classic sounds of pop-punk with their own unique sound to make their music. The EP touches on the life experiences of the band as they make their way through high school.

All My Friends Are Ghosts consists of six tracks and begins with “Southside”. The song begins with guitar and then the drums and vocals come in. It’s definitely catchy and a good way to begin the EP. “6:30” is the second song and has a different feel to it. The drums and the guitar work together to give the song a more pop-punk / rock sound.

“Can’t Find Moral Support in the Backseat of a Car” is the most unique song on this EP. It has ukulele in it which is a twist that I was not expecting. Iris Chang shows that her voice is versatile because she can sing in a punk rock style while also singing slowly and softly. Up to this point in the EP, it’s been faster more upbeat stuff, then you get to this and the band slows it down. It’s a nice unexpected change. “All is Well” is the last track and it’s a really good way to end the EP. It keeps the upbeat punk sound all the way to the end.

Play The Ace’s members are all still young and they have time to hone their skills and grow as a band. They have a lot of potential and I think there a band to keep an eye on as they might be gracing a Warped Tour stage near you pretty soon.

  1. Southside
  2. 6:30
  3. Note to Self (Peaches)
  4. Can’t Find Moral Support in the Backseat of a Car
  5. You Took My Life (so I Took Your Identity)
  6. All is Well

Post by Madeline Cronin

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